Canine Accommodations | Boston Red Dog

What is always included in an overnight stay?

  • Lots of love and attention
  • 24/7 care
  • 4 outdoor potty walks a day
  • 2-3 meals per day, always prepared as instructed
  • Water freshened every three hours
  • Soothing music throughout the night
  • Raised Kuranda Dog Bed
  • Cozy Red Dog Blanket
  • Report Card when checking-out

Overnight Suites & Accommodations

Standard Suites

$65/Night – 64 square feet
$70/Night – 80 square feet

– Full-length glass entry door
– Private room away from other guests
– Flat Screen TV

Traditional Rooms

$52/Night – 32 square feet

– Private comfortable lodging
– Dorm setting allows for open communication with pet friends and neighbors


Deluxe Rooms

$60/Night – 48 square feet

– Private large room
– Dorm setting allows open communication with pet friends and neighbors


Petite Suites

$45/Night – 12 square feet

– For our smaller pet guests (12 lbs and under)
– Separate quiet area away from our bigger pet guests
– Soothing music throughout the day

*For select peak periods only

Junior Suites

$55/Night  – 18 square feet

– For our smaller pet guests (30 lbs and under)
– Full-length glass entry door
– Flat Screen TV


Presidential Villa + Bedtime Tuck-In

presidential-suite$95/Night – 120 square feet

– Exclusive, luxurious lodging
– Access to private outdoor patio
– Flat Screen TV
– Step up window providing natural light and a view of outdoor play yards
– Bedtime Tuck-In included each night

Seasonal Suites w/ Lodge & Play + Bedtime Tuck-In

canine-suites$115/Night – 154 square feet
Each additional dog: 30% off (staying in the same Seasonal Suite)

– Our largest overnight accommodation
– Flat Screen TV
– Glass window for natural light
– Includes Lodge & Play or 1 Personal Play each day
– Bedtime Tuck-In included each night

Slumber Party - Select Holidays Only*

$72/Night – Includes Daycare

It’s a sleepover! Our slumber party option is offered during select holidays where your dog will spend the day in Daycare and sleep overnight in the room with a Pet Care Technician. Dogs will be provided their dinner separately before turning in for the night with their friends! This option is ideal for pets that like to sleep in open spaces and with other dogs. Pre-Approval is required for admittance to the Slumber Party.

House Food & Health Services

Red Dog Pet Resort House Food

per day per canine

Oral Medicine & Supplements

(up to 3 types) per day

Additional Medication & Supplements

over 3 types (each) per day

Medicine - Subcutaneous Dosages

SubQ (each)

If you forget your food or run out, stop by our boutique to replenish! 

Multiple Family Member Discounts:

Additional living space is available for those who would like their family members (of the same species) to stay together. We offer a 30% discount for the second and third guest staying together in the same overnight accommodation and a 15% discount for the second and third guest staying in a separate overnight accommodation. Specific room requests are honored on a space available basis and cannot be guaranteed.

Multiple Family Member Discounts are only applied to pets that live in the same household.